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Aashiqui Not Allowed

Aashiqui Not Allowed

Aashiqui Not Allowed is upcoming punjabi movie starring Aman Sutdhar singh, Gurpreet Kaur, Harinakshi, B.N Sharma, Gurchet Chitarkar, jaswant singh rathore

Aashiqui Not Allowed movie story is total new & fresh subject for bechlor,for a couple ,for a family…its full of romance,comedy & little bit horror..all funda of this film is love shove and syaapa.

Genre: Romantic Horror comedy
Directed By: Rakesh Dhawan
Written By: Rakesh Dhawan
Screenplay By: Rakesh Dhawan
Produced By: Sikander Ghuman, Ashwin Maisuria
Release Date: TBA

Aashiqui Not Allowed Aashiqui-Not-Allowed-2 Aashiqui-Not-Allowed-1

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  1. iam very curious to about to watching aashiqui not allowed.all the best.

  2. aashiqui not allowed sound good.

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