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Akshay Kumar & Honey Singh are putting ‘Punjabi’ in bad light says Master Saleem


Bollywood Super star Akshay Kumar and Punjabi rapper Yo-Yo Honey Singh are putting ‘Punjabi’ language in bad light. Along with that Bollywood stars and people belonging to Bollywood are giving special treatment and importance to Punjabi singers to earn huge amount of money. And to earn more money they are ignoring the decency of lyrics.

Punjabi singer Master Saleem has targeted Pop star Honey Singh and bollywood star Akshay Kumar for for using offensive lyrics in a song titled ‘Party All Night’ of Hindi movie ‘Boss’.

In an interview, Master Saleem who has given his voice for a number of Hindi and Punjabi movies and has sung the most popular song ‘Maa Da Ladla’, has shared that Honey Singh and Akshay Kumar are putting ‘Punjabi’ language in bad light.

He adds that Akshay should be ashamed for having a song in his movie which had vulgar lyrics. Saleem advices Akshay that he should stay aways from such type of Vulgarity.

Source: JagBani

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