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Dil Sada Lutteya Gaya

Dil Sada Luteya Gya punjabi movie

Dil Sada Lutteya Gaya is an upcoming movie in Punjabi cinema that will be released by next year by, Jan ’13. Ashmit Patel, Jonita Doda, Jivindha Ashta & Rhiythm Arora are the star cast of the movie. Dil Sada Luteya Gaya is directed by Maanoj Kunj.

The movie is written by Dheeraj Rattan.

Dil Sada Luteya Gaya will be produced under the banner of Saby Saanjh and Angad Singh and is co-produced by Ramandeep Rekhi.

Apart from shooting the movie in Ludhiana and Jalandhar, the members of the crew have also planned to shoot a bit portion of the movie in “Moscow”.

The movie seems to be comedy genre and is a little bit romantic with it.

Movie TrailerAshmit Patel on the way to Pollywood

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