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Jatt & Juliet

Jatt & Juliet is a story about a boy and a girl who comes from two different worlds. Its a mischievous but still a lovable love story of two people whose lives run on two different paths.

The role of Jatt (Fateh Singh) is played by Diljit Dosanjh and role for Juliet (Pooja) is played by Neeru Bajwa.

Fateh Singh is a cute desi naughty boy and Pooja is a modern and classy girl with a lot of sophistication. Both of them live their own peaceful and comfortable lives at different paths unless their lanes cross when they were in the flight for their way to Canada.

Pooja hates the desi style and un-sophisticated ways of Fateh Singh and on the other hand Fateh Singh could not stand the attitude and the nakhras of Pooja. They fight, quarrel and move to their separate paths. But destiny had some other plans for them! They were brought together again and again by destinies.

When they were tired of fights,after sometime they turn to develop a bond of friendship, where they try to help each other. Soon their bond of interaction and friendship became strong and they started caring for each other.

When they realised their true depth of friendship, it was a time for them to be apart. As they got separated they realised that they have actually fell in love with each other without realising and without intentions. But now it was too late.

Watch Jatt & Juliet movie to find out whether their live give them a second chance to be together or not.

Star Casts

Diljit Dosanjh, Sari Mercer, Neeru Bajwa, Jaswinder Bhalla, Upasana Singh, Rana Ranbir, B.N. Sharma,Karamjit Anmol

Watch online Punjabi Movie Jatt & Juliet

Genre: Comic/Romantic
Director: Anurag Singh
Producer: Darsan Singh Grewal
Gunbir Singh Sidhu
Writer: Dheeraj Rattan

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