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Upcoming punjabi movies 2015

Upcoming Punjabi Movies

upcoming punjabi movies 2015

The place where you can find greenery, peace and calmness all at the same time is Punjab. The land which is one of the oldest states of the country has everything to flaunt about including food, music, dance and flamboyant style. Punjab has got a territory which faces Pakistan on one side and the lush, green Haryana on the other side. However, one is introduced to this culture only through their regional cinema which has unlimited dose of romance, comedy and style. This is been evidently reflected in the regional film industry as the movies produced are loaded with unlimited dose of romance and comedy.

The Punjabi film industry is been so far successful in keeping up with the fun loving and energetic spirit of local culture. People even prefer to celebrate over small wins too because for them a life lived in happiness is a life lived to its length. Punjabi cinema has blessed many stars to the Indian cinema some of them being singers, dancers to great actors. To Dara Singh and Honey Singh, Punjabi cinema has made a wide impact on the minds of the international audience.

Being the second film making industry, Punjabi cinema on a whole has given a lot to the Indian Film Fraternity and holds a great recognition in the entire world. They have always been producing skilled and cultured movies from decades and by polishing their skills they have finally achieved reaching up to the highest recognition of Oscar and Academy Awards in the international movie market. Punjabi movies not only win the hearts of the Regional audience but also others.

Punjabi movies in India influence a large market of Punjab side which is not only of India, but everywhere else too, where the language is basically understood. By making excellent movies of all genres, is it action, comedy, romance, thriller, sequels, or horror ones they have achieved milestones and made a benchmark for themselves. Therefore, keeping in mind the increasing knowledge and demands of these movies also along with the huge fan following of these movies; today, here is a list of the upcoming Punjabi movies 2015, so that one can make up their minds to choose the correct movie to watch.

List of Upcoming Punjabi movies 2015

List will update soon…


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