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Vehli Janta Full Album 2013 – Kulbir Jhinjer

Vehli Janta Kulbir Jhinjer 2013 Punjabi Album

Vehli Janta Full Album 2013

Track No. Track Name Singer Timing
1  College Kulbir Jhinjer 4:19
2 Vehli Janta Kulbir Jhinjer 3:31
3 Punjab Kulbir Jhinjer 6:24
4 Najarey Kulbir Jhinjer 3:48
5 Fakran Di Zindgi Kulbir Jhinjer 3:07
6 Ghaint Naddi Kulbir Jhinjer 3:42
7 Jugni Kulbir Jhinjer 3:50
8 Muchh Kulbir Jhinjer 4:47
9 Khumari Kulbir Jhinjer 3:51


College Full Video SongVehli Janta Song Lyrics

Album Name : Vehli Janta Full Album
Album Artists : Kulbir Jhinjer
Audio Release : Feb.2013
Cassettes and CD’s on : Speed Records

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